After School


At St Ann’s Well Academy we run an extensive after school club programme. With something to suit all children from KS1 and KS2. All children get the opportunity to do a wide range of activities and they are actively encouraged to take part in at least one club.

We work hard as a school to provide opportunities for children to take part in different sports and activities, which they might not normally get the chance to do.

The after school provision is also enhanced by film nights and discos at different points in the year.

Clubs – September 2022 – July 2023
Autumn TermSpring TermSummer Term
Multi-Sports Y2-Y3Fun & Games Y1Netball Y3-Y6
Musical Theatre Y3-Y6Musical Theatre Y3-Y6Musical Theatre Y1-Y2
Art & Craft Y2-Y6Art & Craft Y1-Y6Art & Craft Y1-Y6
Orchard Y3-Y6Dodgeball Y5-Y6Striking & Fielding Y1-Y2
Dodgeball Y3-Y4  
Football Y5-Y6Basketball Y5-Y6Athletics Y5-Y6
Cheerleading Y4-Y6Cheerleading Y2-Y3Cheerleading Y2-Y6
Girl’s Football Y4-Y6Girl’s Football Y4-Y6Girl’s Football Y3-Y6