Visiting Poet – Andy Tooze

Andy Tooze is a local poet from Buxton, Derbyshire, who ran workshops from Reception to Year 6.

The children really enjoyed listening to Andy perform his poems before being inspired to then write and perform their own poems.

Hopes and Fears

By Payman

Hopes and fears interfere with my sleep

Mum! I can’t go to bed!

Why my dear? Did the fear interfere?

Yes! Exactly right!

I was about to goof in my dreams, but…

I know, I know you are worried about secondary

How did you know?

I’m your Mum, of course I will know!

What is it like?

By Caitlyne

What is it like?

Time flies by

What’s my future going to be like?

I had an idea

It came out of my mind

What is it like?

Time flies by

Might make some friend

Might lose some friends

I just don’t know

What is it like?

My stomach is turning

My head is pounding

What is it like?

I’ll take my time to find out!

Chocolate Cake

By Alicja

Do you like chocolate cake?

If you want, I can bake

I really hope I’m not too late

Make it quick

Make it easy

Make sure the batter doesn’t go swiftly

Pick up the cake

Go in the car

Press on the gas

The day goes by in a flash

I go home in a dash

I put my PJs on


Why is the salt out?

Ehhh … it is my fault!