World Poetry Day

Performance Poetry Day

In the summer term, the school Reading Ambassadors organised a Performance Poetry Day. The day involved classes practising and then performing a poem in an assembly at the end of the day.

The Reading Ambassadors also ran two poetry competitions, one was to perform a poem and the other was to write an original poem.

The performance poetry finalists from each class performed their poems in assembly, where the Reading Ambassadors made the final judgement on overall winners.

The Performance Poetry Winners

1st Place – Lavayah and Abida from year 5

2nd Place – Yuel from year 4

3rd Place – Nardos, Hermione and Moyamu

Class Winner – Year 4

Write a Poem Winners

The Reading Ambassadors also read and ranked all the original poems entered and choose the following children’s entries.

1st Place – Karen from year 4

2nd Place – Alexa from year 4

3rd Place – Isabell from year 4

Head Teacher’s Winner – Evie from year 3

Well done to everybody who took part.

Well done to the Reading Ambassadors, who organised and ran all the assemblies associated with this event and had the difficult job of judging competition entries.